School Life offers a range of different packages for school photography to suit everyone's budget and to make our service more flexible and accessible.

Each school has its own disc package[s] to suit the school. Please check your school name listed on our website for your disc pack price.

Pre Paid Disc Package

We also offer special packages for pre paid customers that if you pre purchase your disc prior to our arrival you will receive a discounted price.

Disc Prices

The School Life Disc  includes all images supplied on disc – allowing safe-storage and the freedom to print and download as and when required. School Life usually takes 10 to 12 different photographs of the child(ren) which will all be on the disk. This can be purchased after viewing the photos on line.

$55.00 one child - all images supplied on disc.

$80.00 for two children - all images supplied on disc.

$110.00 for three or more children - all images supplied on disc.

(Class photos are supplied serperately and are not included in the disc price - unless, it is part of a special offer package - depending on the school)

Please see your own school name listed here for their discounted disc pack price.