Pre School Services

We visit the pre school (approx 10am) and take the group photo, then for the parents that have registered their children they get individual portraits photos taken at the centre. 

The price for parents is $55.00 per child [includes all their child's images approx 12 different images on disc and a free A4 group photo . Parents with two or more children can have the sibling photos for $40.00 each and receive two group photos. 

We require a min of 10 parents to purchase this  photo package. If parents only wish to purchase the group photo, then we offer an A4 laminated size group photo for $13.50 each.

All purchases can be made via our website, this cuts down on all paper work for the pre school teachers & office staff.



Minimum Orders:

School Life requires a minimum of 10 pre  sold   Disc Packages per class  / room photo taken . These packages are priced @ $55.00 per child [include s  all the child's  images approx 12  on disc and a free A4 Class room photo ]. Parents with two or more children can have the sibling photos for $40.00 each and receive two class room photos.

This is a special offer now available to pre schools, photos are only taken of children registered with your centre it is no longer open to siblings that do not attend the pre school.

* If you are unable to meet the minimum numbers - we request the right to postpone our visit until you are able to meet these numbers.


We would also send you a poster for you print off and display. Do you have a spread sheet of the parents emails? It is essential that parents get told about the photo day, and we usually send a professional email to alert parents with a direct link to our website, as all order  are taken on line.


On acceptance of our terms, we would put together a schedule for the day, all the PDF proofs will be emailed through to you for name completion. This is usually in a word document – Once you or your teachers have placed all the children’s names on it, it would them be emailed back to us. We would then put it into a PDF, once again we would email it back to you so can double check it. (Any further changes from your end to the PDF may incur administration changes)

Staff Photo:

If you would like a staff photo and would like this professionally set up with the teachers names printed etc, we would have to on charge the costs for this back to you. 

The charge for this could be approximately  $50.00 (Its gets set up at a professional print design company)

There is a minimum order/charge  of 6 @ $6.00 each (purely to cover printing costs) (These will be A4 in size professionally printed and laminated)