Welcome Bay School [13th & 14th March, 2019]

School Life will be returning to Welcome Bay School to take Individual [and, Sibling] Portraits * and Class Room photos on 13th & 14th March, 2019 !

* Portrait photos are only taken of children registered with Welcome Bay School ..... this service is no longer open to siblings that do not attend the school.

If you would like any individual [sibling] photos taken on the day - you must register your child / children!

Please register by clicking on one of the option [icons] below - the deadline for all registrations is Friday 8th March, 2019 

Welcome Bay School Special Pre Paid Disc Pack Offer - Individual or Family [savings from $23.50] includes registration, all your child’s images on disc and a FREE Class Room Photo !

Note:  The above Special Pre Paid Pack Offer is only available prior to our arrival

These photos are not your typical school photos ! 

They are professionally taken in different poses / settings …. it's essentially your child's very own individual "photo shoot" !!

Once pre-registered you will be sent a 'unique code' [via email] - enabling you to view your child's photos. Parents will be notified by email once the images have been downloaded and are available for viewing.

Please note : If you do not receive a unique code [via email] - this means that your registration has not been completed and that your details are still sitting in your 'shopping cart'.

  • Welcome Bay School Pre Paid Disc Pack - Includes Registration & Free Class Room Photo (savings from $23.50)
  • Welcome Bay School - Registration - No sitting fee - Purchases can be made after you view the photos.
  • Welcome Bay - Hub Photos $13.50 each A4 Laminated